August 2017

Introducing: Accessories Page

For over a year now Sam and I have been working on this accessories page that we are so happy to finally publish. It’s a page that will grow with vintage goods and straps that will compliment your watch (vintage or new) for years to come. The straps are all hand made, the vintage ads are sourced and framed so you don’t have to, and the high quality prints of some of our favorite pieces. Now let’s go more in depth...



We have been testing out numerous artisan strap makers over the past year to find the proper one for not only our taste, but for our clients as well. Stitched and tapered, paying attention to even the smallest details crafted in Europe. The shell cordovan leather is the best in the world coming from the famous Horween factory in Chicago, Illinois where it goes through a long process of being tanned. Our first batch consists of two colors that are two sizes. The colors are Dark Cognac and Bourbon, both with middle stitching, and come in sizes 18 and 20mm. Every strap was carefully hand-made in Europe to assure the absolute best quality for the wearer. We wouldn’t create anything that Sam and I wouldn’t wear ourselves. Make sure to check out both colors and act fast since a limited amount have been produced. This first batch is only the beginning as more colors and styles are in the works!


Vintage Ads

Vintage ads are hot right now, they look incredible on your wall or desk, but let’s face it, framing them is a pain. A great way to show off these watches we all love so much is through collecting the vintage advertisements. I don’t know about you but I find the vintage advertising business a very fascinating part of history. Mad Men! A time when so many new items for your convenience were being made to make life easier. So, in recent months we have found a few ads we think represent these awesome qualities of vintage advertising. All the ads are framed and come in different sizes.



The site is very lucky to have had such a talented photographer since we first opened over two years ago. With time Sam’s photos for the site have improved and we hope you all agree. Sam and I find it extremely important to show all of our watches we offer for sale in the highest quality possible. These incredible photos are just a pleasure to look at. Sam and I have combined our favorite photos over the past few weeks and printed them out in ultra high resolution. These prints are incredible for interior wall decoration. These prints are limited so make sure to hurry.

We hope you are just as excited for this new page as we are. It’s just the start and we can’t wait to continue to grow this into a source for the highest quality of goods and accessories at the best prices around! So head over to the new page if you haven’t already done so and as always send us an email if you have any questions about the new items.